Cebeco Agro and Agrifirm

Cebeco Agro is a subsidiary of Royal Agrifirm Group. Agrifirm is a Dutch cooperative company active in the livestock and agricultural sectors. It was formed in 2010 from a merger of Agrifirm and Cehave Landbouwbelang. The origins of these organizations lie in the early twentieth century. The Agrifirm cooperative is a holding company of independent subsidiaries located in Europe, South America, the US and Asia. More than 10,000 farmers and market gardeners are affiliated with the organization and the company has approximately 3,000 employees worldwide. Agrifirm’s head office is located in Apeldoorn.

Activities Cebeco Agro

Cebeco Agro has a relationship with multinational companies and many national and international companies that are active in the development, production and distribution of crop care products, specialty fertilizers, basic substances and biostimulants and other products or solutions with a low environmental impact.

Cebeco Agro promotes the development and optimal deployment of solutions to meet the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s grower. These solutions consist of a combination of synthetic and biological crop protection agents, biostimulants, fertilizers and supporting techniques to prevent and combat diseases and pests. Cebeco Agro also supports the acceleration of the transition to future-oriented crop care, reducing the impact on the environment while maintaining profitability in the agricultural chain. Cebeco Agro does this by:

  • acting as a director of the exchange of knowledge between manufacturers, suppliers and Agrifirm’s agricultural and horticultural sectors.
  • providing sector-wide support for registration themes relating to crop protection products, basic substances and biostimulants.
  • together with partners, develop and market biological crop protection products, biostimulants, basic substances and specialty fertilisers through a national network.

The team

Our product managers are highly knowledgeable about all crops grown in the open field in the Netherlands. They work year round to collect and develop knowledge and make it applicable to practice. To this end, research is carried out in practice in more than 200 crops!